Our Passion… Our Commitment…
Our Gift to Michelle and All Americans

Michelle’s Leading Star Foundation was established by the family of Michelle Lee Sanderbeck in 2006. With the purpose of reducing the number of teenage deaths in America and to honor the life of Michelle Lee Sanderbeck and all others whose lives were claimed by Teen Driver.

We know that with our combined efforts, we will make a difference in keeping our children/teens safe.

We all have children of our own, or nieces, nephews or grandchildren or just friends that have children. This kind of tragedy just breaks your heart.

No one should ever have to feel this pain or go through a tragedy like this in their lifetime. “It is a nightmare that our family longs to wake from” It’s difficult to express in words all of the emotions and hurt that we are experiencing today, but at the same time we know in our hears that we need to channel our emotions into something positive, so that we may somehow limit/prevent this from happening to others.

These children “Are our future”… Let’s protect them!

These are the goals of Michelle’s Leading Star Foundation:

  • Establish Michelle’s Leading Star Foundation as an Icon for safe driving among teens
  • Help save teen lives and protect our future!
  • Educate Parents and Teens on Safe Driving (Create an awareness campaign to install the values of safe driving)
  • Vigorously instill the message that safe driving begins at home, behind the wheel and in the school systems.
  • Integrate an Innovative Mstar Driving Simulation & Interactive Curriculum Program into our High schools in Ohio: http://simulatorsystems.net/
  • The 1st MStar Driving curriculum was established at the Medina’s High School in the year of 2008 with more to come!