Protect Our Children!

Michelle’s Leading Star Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established shortly after Michelle Sander beck lost her life at the age of 15, in a non-alcohol, non-drug related teen automobile crash on March 4th 2006.

Now in its 5th year of existence, the Foundation has integrated a Simulated Drivers Educational curriculum targeted at young teens preparing them for adulthood and teaching them critical driving skills in a safe controlled environment at Medina High School. The program has promoted a new way of authentic learning and is helping to provide a Life Long Learning experience for our teens.

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Each virtual simulator curriculum includes a range of behind-the-wheel tutorial videos, driving exercises that deliver 39 lesson plans and over 200 real life scenarios of unlimited practical driving experiences. Future plans are to move forward integrating the MStar simulate educational program into other Medina County High Schools while maintaining our current program at MHS.

To-date with your support and generosity of Michelle’s annual Fun/Run event, we have combined to prepare over 1500 students for the roads. Last year more than 600 Runners/Walkers participated in the event and many local businesses opened their heart to support the efforts and pursuit to “SAVE TEEN LIVES”. We all have children of our own, or nieces, nephews or grandchildren. This kind of tragedy just breaks your heart. No one should ever have to feel this pain or go through a tragedy like this in their lifetime. So, we are asking for your support and contribution for a cause that our family and many other families believe in: “Safe driving among teens”.